For a larger glossary of many terms used in property appraisal, please see the International Association of Assessing Officers' Glossary for Property Appraisal and Assessment .

Qualified Family Member

A qualified family member includes only: (1) a natural or adopted child or descendant of the owner's child; (2) a stepchild of the owner; (3) the owner's parent or an ancestor of the owner's parent; (4) a stepparent of the owner; (5) a child-in-law or parent-in-law of the owner or; (6) a natural or adopted sibling of the owner.

Qualified Sale

An open market, arm's length transaction that fairly reflects the real estate market at any point in time. In contrast, any transfer which puts a parcel into trust, is among family members, results from foreclosure or other distress, does not properly reflect market value and is therefore not a qualified sale. Details of this definition are included in industry standards and Arizona case law.


Pertaining to the subjective nature of some variable of interest. For example, view, fire protection, quality, or site/location.


An indicator of the overall quality of the primary structure.


Pertaining to the objective nature of some variable of interest. It can be measured or counted with little ambiguity. For example, number of bathrooms, year built, additions, or size.

Quantity Survey Method

Method of cost estimating which requires complete itemization of all construction, labor, and material costs by components and subcomponents and all indirect costs.

Quarter Section

A subdivision of a Section containing 160 acres more or less, described by referencing the center point in the Section, i.e. the NE ¼ is north and east of the center point.

Quitclaim Deed

A form of conveyance in which any interest the grantor possesses in the property described in the deed is conveyed to the grantee without warranty of title.