How Do I Search

Below are some tips to assist you in finding what you are looking for.

By Parcel Number

To find any parcel, just type in the parcel (apn) number. Any format works. For instance, [book]-[map]-[parcel][split] will work with any characters (or no characters) in between the items.

  • 111-11-111-A
  • 11111111
  • 11111111a
By Owner Name

To search by owner name, you can simply type in the owner's name in full, do not abbreviate the first name.

By Address

To search by address, enter in an address in a standard "address" format. What we define as a standard format is [number] [street pre direction] [street name] [street type] [city], AZ [zip code]. You can omit city, state and zip code from queries. Please note street direction must be E, N, W, S, NE, NW, SE, SW and street type should be abbreviated; for example, ST, AVE, PL, LN. TIP! If you are having difficulties leave off the street type and simply search by number direction and street name.

  • 123 E Main
  • 123 E Main St
  • 123 E. Main St Phoenix
  • 123 Main St 85001
By Subdivision

To search for parcels within a subdivision, simply type in the subdivision name. You can also view all parcels within a subdivision by clicking on the subdivision name in the search results or parcel details.

By MCR Number

To search for parcels within a MCR, follow the same instructions as for a subdivision. If you know the MCR number, just enter it in. You can also view all parcels within a MCR number by clicking on the MCR number link in the search results or parcel details.

By City or Zip Code

To search for parcels within a city or zip code, simply type in the city or zip code.

By Section, Township, Range (STR)

To search for parcels within a section, township, and range, rhe only requirement for this targeted search is that all three items; section, township and range must be present in the query.

By Business Name or Account Number

To search for a business name or account number (for personal property searches), you can type in a business (account) name, address, account/roll number, multiple number, or lease number.

By Mobile Home

To search for mobile homes, simply type in an owner name, address, account number or a VIN.