Timeshare Properties

Statutes: ARS §42-13451 thru ARS §42-13454

Timeshares are regulated by the AZ Department of Real Estate since 1982. Each timeshare submitted a timeshare plan that is on file with AZ Dept of RE.

Timeshares are properties that have fractional usage rights, most often one or two weeks at a time. Values range based on season. Here in Arizona, a winter timeframe is more valuable than a summer timeframe due to availability and demand.

Timeshares are considered residential property and receive a Legal Class of 4.9, land and improvements. They are generally valued by cost.

A Timeshare Use Report is generated to request information for Statutory valuation versus valuation by cost. This form is mailed to the managing entity on or before August 1st by the Assessor and must be filed with the Assessor on or before September 30th each year.

Article 10 Timeshare Property