Your Assessor

Professional Career

Eddie Cook brings a wealth of technological, leadership, and public service experience to the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office.

A respected member of the Gilbert Town Council for the last nine years, Eddie helped successfully lead the fast-growing community and introduced initiatives and programs that have become a model for municipalities across the state. Among his public service accomplishments are creating the Town of Gilbert ENDVR (Ending Domestic Violence Responsibility) program and serving as the president of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association and chairman of the Maricopa Association of Government Domestic Violence Council.

Outside of the public sector, Eddie has spent more than 30 years in the high technology industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Arizona State University and has served in a leadership position for a technology company that provides cloud-based data services to Fortune 100 companies since 2002. He has also served on various boards and commissions including the Arizona State Information Technology Authorization Committee, which reviews some of the state’s largest IT projects.

Born in Okinawa, Japan, Eddie is married to Jenny, his high school sweetheart. They have five children and three grandchildren. In his free time, he enjoys scuba diving, is a certified glider pilot, volunteers for several charitable organizations, and enjoys exploring Arizona.

Historic List of Elected Maricopa County Assessors
Date Elected Name
2020 Eddie Cook
2014 Paul D. Petersen
2004 Keith E. Russell
1996 Kevin Ross
1992 Pete Corpstein
1988 Ira Friedman
1980 Milt Novkov
1968 Kenneth R. Kunes
1950 C. L. Sparks
1946 William Stanford
1942 J. T. Bowles
1934 J. D. Brush
1924 Ed Oglesby
1922 George Cummins
1920 Harre Pierce
1918 George Cummins
1912 J. T. Bone
1908 Frank Luke
1900 C. W. Burnette
1898 L. W. Coggins
1894 Harry St. Claire
1890 H. C. Orme
1888 James K. Murphy